Sunday, May 30, 2010

Malakoff 26K Race

It's Race Day ! :) The day begun at 4:00am, got ready and ran through my usual pre-run checklist and I was off to the site I was running late, arrrghhhh. Reached the start point the place was already buzzing with runners come in.

Had to navigate a bit to find parking, the parking locations we full !! Finally found a place and made my way to the starting point. Everyone was busy warming up and getting ready for the gun to go ! Made my way to a corner to compose my self and do last minute check on my gear and well as my laces.(i.e. not much on issue since its Lock Laces)

Soon after it time to start and we were are husled to the starting line, soon after the gun went off and we were on our way ! Along the met my sifu (i.e. HHFoong)  , wished him the very and a good race and I was off ! 

I spent the night before running through the data I collected from my previous runs on the course to find areas that I could speed up. I identified a few key areas and made sure I sped up when it came to those key points. I think  I came on to hard on one of the downhills and I there where I pulled my hamstring, ouch ! 

I kept to this strategy for the next few legs of the run but unknown to me  my heart was racing quite high which I found out when I analyzed the data after the run. I really hit the wall during the last 1 hour of the race as my pace dropped drastically. Some how I managed to push till I reached the finish line at 3:12:54.  I found a picture of your trully, thanks to Chuah ( for snapping this shot which is like meters aways to the finish line, hehehe :)

At the finish line, I quickly made way, returned the timing chip and got my shinny shinny ! :) Meet up with some runner friends (i.e. Mee Lan and her hubby). I was walking back to my car when I bumped in Tiger and Justin, so nice to see the two. The were looking out for as well, we chatted a while and they were on their way for a morning hike.

I headed of to my gym to hit the shower and stretch out a little, my hamstrings were hurting. The shower did a whole of good, felt great ! Time to head home for much needed R&R, next its SCKLM !!! :)

Till then the adventure continues !!