Sunday, May 24, 2009

CW-X Field Test

The weather today was rather dull due to a hazy fog coming in and the overall warm ambiance did not do much justice. Head off to the running track at a local university(USM) for my first track run in long long long time. It was an interesting experience , slipped on the CWX and went for a run. The CW-X is a very comfortable and nice fit, initially was a bit weird though but after a lap around the track it was a super snuggle fit.

Had to abruptly stop after 5K as the track was being setup for a football match, bummer indeed. :( no worries gonna hit the track tomorrow morning. Will need to try it over a longer distance do test on the feel and functionality. But first impression on CW-X is two thumbs up ! ;) Check out the gear at here !

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Hydration ! Gulp, gulp, gulp .... aaaaaahhhhh !

Hydration is such an important factor for runners yet its very individual. I always has intermittent water needs, my thirst sensor must be out of whack ! Sometimes I only feel thirsty after run more than 5Ks sometimes its much less .... I still experimenting on whats right for me.

Whilst searching for some guidelines for hydration, I came across this recommendation from AIMS (Association of International Marathons and Distance Race), check it out and may you never go thirsty again ... me hopes !!

Calf Stretchhhhh !!!!!

My physio always tells me, your calf's are still tight and I keep wondering what stretches I could do to loosen the up because the can cause serious injuries. Also the fact the they get much tight as we age ... tsk tsk tsk. Happen to bump into this article on stretching for your calf muscle, happy stretchingggg .....

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Core Development

A strong core is crucial for any runner. As much care and effort is required in developing strength and speed, core strength is a big contributer. This article from Runner's World outlines workouts suited for core development. Improvement of your core provides a great boost to your running.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

Mile Repeats by Bart Yasso

Antacids and Doing the Salt > Field Test

Great morning today, prayed to the GODs last night so that there will be no rain this morning (it actually came through) so that I could get some quality run done and also test race day practices (antacids and doing the salt thingy).

The antacids tablets worked great today, popped 2 in just before the run. My tummy felt great all the way during the run except for the grumble during the last few kilometers,hehehe. Overall the great results, will definitely recommend to runners.

As for doing the salt, its was a salty experience to say the list and quite uncomfortable to do and needs a bit of practice. Especially the amount of salt your going to put under your tougue ! Plus licking it off you back of your ... hmmm ... interesting experience. This still needs some practice and tweaking .....

Good morning run, need to tweak on the morning pre-run meal to improve energy mgmt, was totally drained out towards the end.

Till the next Adventure ......

YASOO's 800s

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Yoga for Runners !

Yoga stretching is a good activity to be included on your cross training day when your not running and strengthening the other parts of the body. Here are the 10 poses for men, stretchhhh !!!!!!!!!!!!

Antacids and its Benefits

Another interesting note about antacids for runners.

Doing the Salt ! Interesting Concept

Came across this article on hyponatermia and how it impacts runners, some thing to note, more details here.

Saturday, May 2, 2009

Foot Types : Important Consideration before Buying Running Shoes

Under Repair !

Had to make a trip to then physio again today, mighty right foot was aching like there is no tomorrow, sheeeesssshhhhhh ! Lucky my physio was able to squeeze me in during her busy Saturday schedule. Lucky it was raining this morning, so most patients had cancelled their appointment, probably to sleep in ;)

As you can see my feet got rapped up and electrocuted, bzzz ! bzzz ! Tingly kinda feeling , followed by ultrasound and some stretches to loosen the feet. Still a bit of pain though, got the foot tapped up before I left ... recovery mode now :(

Sports Drink Unravelled !

Friday, May 1, 2009

Labor Day Run !

Its Labor's Day where everyone should be chilling out on their day off, I was off for a 6K run or more of Fun Run. Surprisingly it was a good turnout with a mix of usual faces plus the young and the old as well. Event started of at 7:30am and we were off !

We ran across the Jelutong Expressway than circled back to the starting point. Decided to amp it up a little as it is a short distance. My right leg was still giving some issues, kinda worrying me in preparation for Malakoff 26K this coming June. Well, I guess I need to be back to physio again next week for another round of maintained ... sheeeshhh :(

It was great to catch up with running friends again, all the usual faces :)

Till the next run which is going to be Malakoff I believe, the adventure continues .... :)

Happy Labor's Day All !!!