Sunday, May 24, 2009

CW-X Field Test

The weather today was rather dull due to a hazy fog coming in and the overall warm ambiance did not do much justice. Head off to the running track at a local university(USM) for my first track run in long long long time. It was an interesting experience , slipped on the CWX and went for a run. The CW-X is a very comfortable and nice fit, initially was a bit weird though but after a lap around the track it was a super snuggle fit.

Had to abruptly stop after 5K as the track was being setup for a football match, bummer indeed. :( no worries gonna hit the track tomorrow morning. Will need to try it over a longer distance do test on the feel and functionality. But first impression on CW-X is two thumbs up ! ;) Check out the gear at here !

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