Sunday, November 30, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 301108

Hey its the last day of November and the start of the journal, should actually start tomorrow 1st Dec but wont be running tomorrow as I am in KL, 2nd Dec will the next log ... Today started super early as its the weekend run which normally amongst running mates(i.e. Foong, Rahman, Pinky, Rathika, Dude) but this weekend something went wrong or someone did not get the memo the run was actually cancel as I found later. I was awake at 5:00am actually much earlier and got to our starting location which actually where the gym is. Foong smsed and told let do it even though the rest did not, I said bring it on .... little did I know of Foong's idea of a slow run. To his credit he has run two full marathon amazing guy, partly why I got into running also.

I reached and started stretching and Foong came around 6:00 am. Tuned up my Nano, linked to the Nike+ Sensor and off we went. Foong led the way, man can he pace, he is one year my senior so its understood anyways. I initially started with his pace and slowly dropped down to my comfort level to ensure that my breathing was in sync with pace so that I wasnt grasping for air. We decided to run towards airport which is actually a steeeeeeppppp up and downhill, wooooofff that was tough ... but I still managed.

We doubled back once reaching the airport junction, Foong was pacing along effortlessly whereas I was still struggling a bit. NOTE TO SELF : Need to train more to improve pace. Soon Foong was literally out of sight ..... and I was on my own. I continued to stride and walk also just check the Nike+ Graph see the dips ..... hehehehhe. It was my first attempt at 15km so I really had it coming for me and yesterday 7km kinda took a toll on my knees. The shirt I was wearing did not help at all as it was soaking up sweat and getting heavier and a bit the sleeves was annoying. NOTE TO SELF: Get more light dri-fits - its my Christmas list.

I managed to crawl back to the start point about 8am, 2hrs of running .... whoaaaa ... my legs were about to dropped of but a great sense of accomplishment ! :) The fun part was as I stopped my Nano from a workout mode and I got the usual summary but to my pleasant surprise that was an added bonus Lance Amstrong congratulated me on the farthest distance achieve in my record. The funny thing was Foong had reached back to the start point much much earlier and double back looking for me again and somehow or rather we missed each other totally ! Go Figure !! He ended up doing 20+km dang he is goooooddd !!!!!

We sat for a while at the mamak store(i.e. coffee shop) for a drink and we said our goodbyes till next weekend. I rushed home to get ready for my 4 hour drive to KL .... oh boy !!! Till the next run .... stay tuned !!!!

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Reads - A Guide

Hi All ! I've decided to have some structure to my blogs so that its easy to read by different section of interest that encompasses the following
  1. Daily Journal (i.e. My Running Adventures) - On Running Days
  2. Marathon Calendar (i.e. those of interest to me of course, I should be able to create a gadget for this) - Weekends
  3. Exercise (i.e. Pre-Post Stretches ) - Weekends
  4. Nutrition (i.e. To Eats and Not To Eats as per my experience) - Weekends
  5. A Runners Tools (i.e. Nike+) Weekends
I think this about covers it, shall add on when there is more ... Just a note Weekends meaning articles will be published on Weekends so a different article every week ;)

My Running Blog !

Writing this blog has been on my mind for a while but I wasn't at my tipping point yet till this morning ..... and the story follows ... a bit long winded .. its an adventure right so strap on for the ride ....

This fine morning started at 5:00am as I was rolling in my bed as my mind was filled with the thoughts of "Too Run or Not To Run" plus "Where am I going to run Today?" Gezz, go figure most people would be soundly asleep and lost to all existence and me ... tsk tsk tsk. At 5:30 am, the decision was made ... Run of course plus destination decided (i.e. Botanical Gardens aka BG) ! :) I quickly got ready and drove over the BG, its was about 6:30am, smell of fresh air and it was slightly misty. I strapped on my Nike+ Sensor to my running shoes, jogged to fav tune on my Nano and strolled on towards the garden. BG is one of my fav running spots as it provides a fair amount of inclination plus lovely greeneries all around. As I entered the garden there was a quite a fair amount of crowd mostly seniors enjoying the morning stroll with friends and family, a pleasant sight ! :)

It was about 7:30 am when its started to drizzle so I triggered my PowerSong on my Nano(i.e. Scooter Chase from BOLT OST) and did a dash to the car. Then I drove away as the drizzle got a bit more heavier but I hadn't properly cooled down and stretched.(A big No ! No ! Post Stretches are important, period !) So I decided to drive to Gurney Drive aka GD, a nice beach front walk. Arrived there in flash as both BG and GD are quite near. It was quite the sight, I got my wind breaker on and took a walk glancing at the ocean, whilst the softer tunes of Bolt OST was playing in my ears , it was bliss plus a cool breeze, nice !

A lot of things were rushing past my mind of past, present and future, woosshhhhh ... I stopped for a while to stretch my legs and just threw my sights at the ocean as I was thinking about my running adventure... it was 3 months ago when I first got back to gym and started from scratch (i.e. Stats : 90kg) till today (i.e. 85kg), have run two quarter marathons (i.e. Tanjung 10K (1:20:00) + Penang Bridge International Marathon (1:38:00)) and currently training for half marathon in Feb/Mac 2009. So it prompt me to blog my adventures plus the learnings a long the way and I know deep down in my heart that this will be journey that will last me a lifetime ... thus the birth of this Blog ... A Runner's Adventures !