Saturday, November 29, 2008

My Running Blog !

Writing this blog has been on my mind for a while but I wasn't at my tipping point yet till this morning ..... and the story follows ... a bit long winded .. its an adventure right so strap on for the ride ....

This fine morning started at 5:00am as I was rolling in my bed as my mind was filled with the thoughts of "Too Run or Not To Run" plus "Where am I going to run Today?" Gezz, go figure most people would be soundly asleep and lost to all existence and me ... tsk tsk tsk. At 5:30 am, the decision was made ... Run of course plus destination decided (i.e. Botanical Gardens aka BG) ! :) I quickly got ready and drove over the BG, its was about 6:30am, smell of fresh air and it was slightly misty. I strapped on my Nike+ Sensor to my running shoes, jogged to fav tune on my Nano and strolled on towards the garden. BG is one of my fav running spots as it provides a fair amount of inclination plus lovely greeneries all around. As I entered the garden there was a quite a fair amount of crowd mostly seniors enjoying the morning stroll with friends and family, a pleasant sight ! :)

It was about 7:30 am when its started to drizzle so I triggered my PowerSong on my Nano(i.e. Scooter Chase from BOLT OST) and did a dash to the car. Then I drove away as the drizzle got a bit more heavier but I hadn't properly cooled down and stretched.(A big No ! No ! Post Stretches are important, period !) So I decided to drive to Gurney Drive aka GD, a nice beach front walk. Arrived there in flash as both BG and GD are quite near. It was quite the sight, I got my wind breaker on and took a walk glancing at the ocean, whilst the softer tunes of Bolt OST was playing in my ears , it was bliss plus a cool breeze, nice !

A lot of things were rushing past my mind of past, present and future, woosshhhhh ... I stopped for a while to stretch my legs and just threw my sights at the ocean as I was thinking about my running adventure... it was 3 months ago when I first got back to gym and started from scratch (i.e. Stats : 90kg) till today (i.e. 85kg), have run two quarter marathons (i.e. Tanjung 10K (1:20:00) + Penang Bridge International Marathon (1:38:00)) and currently training for half marathon in Feb/Mac 2009. So it prompt me to blog my adventures plus the learnings a long the way and I know deep down in my heart that this will be journey that will last me a lifetime ... thus the birth of this Blog ... A Runner's Adventures !

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