Saturday, November 29, 2008

Blog Reads - A Guide

Hi All ! I've decided to have some structure to my blogs so that its easy to read by different section of interest that encompasses the following
  1. Daily Journal (i.e. My Running Adventures) - On Running Days
  2. Marathon Calendar (i.e. those of interest to me of course, I should be able to create a gadget for this) - Weekends
  3. Exercise (i.e. Pre-Post Stretches ) - Weekends
  4. Nutrition (i.e. To Eats and Not To Eats as per my experience) - Weekends
  5. A Runners Tools (i.e. Nike+) Weekends
I think this about covers it, shall add on when there is more ... Just a note Weekends meaning articles will be published on Weekends so a different article every week ;)

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