Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Standard Charted KL Marathon 2010

Yes its the inaugural Standard Charted Marathon 2010 ! Second year participating and geared on setting a new PR for my half marathon and I did, yippeee ! :) I had a strong run and it felt great a steady pace all the way, I was amazed, just that I missed my target of breaking sub 2:30, was so close :p I am sure there will be a next time ! :) 

I was up early about 3:00 am getting ready to go to race site to cheer on some friends whom were doing their first full marathon ! The place was buzzing with activities when I reached, its seems the no. of full marathon participants have increased significantly. Wished my friends the best of luck and they were off ! :) 

Made my way to the baggage counter to dump everything and just pack the essentials then stretched and warmed at the starting line. Decided to position myself in the back as the no. of half marathoners had significantly grown as well and I did not want to be part of the startup stampede, hahahahaha :) The race was underway at 6:15am sharp and we were off ! 

Didn't realize that the route had changed this year as I was running was think am going the right route, hahahaha its was nice and challenging route :) I reached the finish line 2:33:04 hours later ! :) Yay its my best time recorded for a half marathon thus far ! :) Made my way quickly to the baggage retrieval and had to stand there for another 1.5 hours just to get my baggage, almost had a heat stroke !!! The sun was blazing down ! :) 

Got my bag finally and made my way to the start line to wait for the arrival of my full marathon friends ! Kudos  to June, whom made to finish line with her swallon knees in  6:30:00, very proud of you and sheer grit to complete the race under the circumstances your were in ! Well done June on your maiden marathon ! :)

Finally headed back to my brothers place for much needed R&R before heading home. Will be resting for the week and start planning for my first maiden full marathon preparation , yay ! :) 

Till then the adventure continues ! :)