Saturday, May 16, 2009

Antacids and Doing the Salt > Field Test

Great morning today, prayed to the GODs last night so that there will be no rain this morning (it actually came through) so that I could get some quality run done and also test race day practices (antacids and doing the salt thingy).

The antacids tablets worked great today, popped 2 in just before the run. My tummy felt great all the way during the run except for the grumble during the last few kilometers,hehehe. Overall the great results, will definitely recommend to runners.

As for doing the salt, its was a salty experience to say the list and quite uncomfortable to do and needs a bit of practice. Especially the amount of salt your going to put under your tougue ! Plus licking it off you back of your ... hmmm ... interesting experience. This still needs some practice and tweaking .....

Good morning run, need to tweak on the morning pre-run meal to improve energy mgmt, was totally drained out towards the end.

Till the next Adventure ......

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