Friday, May 1, 2009

Labor Day Run !

Its Labor's Day where everyone should be chilling out on their day off, I was off for a 6K run or more of Fun Run. Surprisingly it was a good turnout with a mix of usual faces plus the young and the old as well. Event started of at 7:30am and we were off !

We ran across the Jelutong Expressway than circled back to the starting point. Decided to amp it up a little as it is a short distance. My right leg was still giving some issues, kinda worrying me in preparation for Malakoff 26K this coming June. Well, I guess I need to be back to physio again next week for another round of maintained ... sheeeshhh :(

It was great to catch up with running friends again, all the usual faces :)

Till the next run which is going to be Malakoff I believe, the adventure continues .... :)

Happy Labor's Day All !!!

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