Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Newton Gravity : First Impressions !

My new trainers have arrived as I am retiring my NIKE's from the running scene. It's my NEWTON Gravity ! I loved the packaging(i.e. recycleable box that it came with, very nice indeed ! :) It's was supposed to arrive tomorrow but I thrilled when I received today. Definately a double bottomline company ! Kudos to the NEWTON Team !

The color is quite striking though, would have preferred some lighter tones, maybe its a good thing who knows ! ;) I took it out for a run and could immediately feel the difference, feels a bit weird though but I believe I need some time to get adjusted to the LAND-LEVER-LIFT fore-foot running.

Took for a 4 mile run as per my TrainingPeaks.com schedule as I am preparing for a Half Marathon in November, perfect timing ! New training schedule + new shoes, looking forward to good times ;) I enjoyed the run as well as noted the change in feel on my foot striking the ground. I was still somewhat using my heels a fair bit but in I believe it will change as my running gait needs to be re-adjusted to accomodate the fore-foot running mechanism.

As for the shoe itself, it was not as comfortable as my NIKEs but the cushion was alright I guess. Another concern that I had that it was a bit tight on the fore foot side because I have a pretty wide feet. I have more than enough space in toe box though. I think this one is a feedback back to makers and hope in the future they will make some provision for "wide foots".

It's a good start I must say but its still early to give a concrete review, looking forward to my longer runs :) Should you be interested in getting a pair browse on over to > Quick Sports under the Footware Section but visit Newton Running website first ;)

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