Sunday, January 3, 2010

2010 Adventure Begins !

Alrighty, its time to get to work and set the stage for 2010 ! One of the major goals this year is get ready to run a full marathon at the Singapore SC Marathon. Had a nice run on the 1st day of the year but may have been wee bit over ... had a bit of shinsplits thereafter but all is good ! :)

Running Goals
1) Run My First Marathon
2) Improve my Half Marathon Times
3) Improve my Nutrition Strategy
4) Include more Cross-Training Activities
5) Have a blast doing 1-4 ! :)

The first race is going to be PUTRAJAYA Night Marathon on the 6th Feb.(*Winks)  The first  second race in Bidor in April, time to transform and roll out ! ;)

The adventures begins for 2010 !


  1. hmm if i tak give u my blog, sure i dont know u have one too, now can kacau u here !! and guess what ? i am planning to do my full marathon in SG this year too :) though our aim is different, mine is to finish aje, at least within the time given of 6 hours heheeh .. but now we both have goals .. i achieved my 21k 6 months ahead of time but i think i will not rush and stick to my target to do full in december, i might just finish it less than 6 hours, say 5hr59min59secs *wink*

  2. Hahahaha, I've been following your blog since you tulis tu which is when you recently started updating it again, hehehehe :)

    Wah great ada kaki for SG's Full Marathon this year awesome :) Your doing awesome, keep it up. Year we will both finish our full marathon's ! :)

  3. Great goals for the year! I am studying sports nutrition and supplements this semester at school so if you have any questions feel free to ask :)


  4. Thanks Kim ! Will definitely be shooting up questions up your way ! Have an outstanding year for running ! :)