Saturday, February 20, 2010

Putrajaya Marathon (Long Overdue)

Finally, I got some downtime to write this ,waaahhhh ! Let me see the Putrajaya Night Marathon, first marathon of the year. I was going into the race with an injured right leg to say the least plus the last minute request from my dear partner whom need to me to fly the next day after the race for meetings. Things could not have been stacked much better. Had to make a run for it from KL to Penang as I needed my passport. 

Reached back in Penang, started packing and flew back to KL again somewhere midnight. Crashed straight in and did not wake up till 11ish. Got up and as always pre-race jitters started settling in again, goshhh. U think after running quite a few races this would go away but nooooo.... its always there ! :) Off I went to get my last meal @ PapaReach some lovely noodles to be exact so after headed off to Putrajaya around, me always need to be early got there quite early.... they were still setting up the tents and stuffs !

Found a bench to rest and start changing into my running outfit so after June buzzed me and we caught up at the baggage tents. June introduced me to her friend Serena and we were all off walking about and checking out all the other tents and goodies being given away. Soon it was time for the race and good herded into the holding area where everyone anxiously waited for the gun to go ! :) Here a pic of the there of us in the holding area.

Soon thereafter the gun went ! And we were off, Serena literally zoomed away and I was running side by side with June. The first 10K were great, was steadily keeping my pace and my energy level, the environment was quite humid nevertheless. The route was filled with ups and downs, its was at the 15th KM where its struck again, the pain on my right leg made its entry, by the 18th KM I was in a lot of pain....ouuuchhhh ! 

It was a series of run/walk thereafter till the finish line, quite the bummer ! :( But nevetheless I finished what I started ;) Live to race another day ! June and Serena finished ahead of me, kudos to them both, outstanding job indeed ! We caught up changed, all were barely able to walk properly its like a bunch of ducks walking ! Hehehe :)

Its a great race and good to meet up with June and Serena, looking forward to the next race ! :) 

Till then the adventure continues ! :)

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