Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Impacting Poverty Elevation ! :)

Hey folks, a slight devertion from my normal running stuffs, this is touch upon poverty, being one whom has personal experience growing out of poverty. It's was parent's whom migrated from India to start a new life in Malaysia in the late 60s. They literally lived from hand to mouth per say bringing up two kids.

But I think poverty far exceeds what I had to endure when I was younger. Many barely have enough to go by or go around and in today everyone has to pitch in to help the less fortunate. I came this young entreprenuer, Devan who's run an website called Its an awesome sight doing's its bid and a bridge to people in the developing countries (i.e. Cambodia). There hand made products from folks in rural areas whom market their products via this portal. I think this is a very good effort to cut of the "middle man" and the revenue is attributed to the makers, which is absolute awesome.

So do the RIGHT thing, support this cause :)

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