Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year 2009 ! New Year RUN !

A great start to the new year with a refreshing run this morning after last night New Year Eve racket and noise at my place, damn it was bad !!!! It was quite the run though running at my heart rate through out the run but I think I need to readjust the upper and lower limit on the heart rate. NOTE TO SELF: Adjust to LL:140-UL:150.

Suprising the usual running crowd was there, I expected most of them to be fast asleep after ushering 2009 last night but these ppl are hardcore, wat to say la. These people LIVESTRONG !! Looking forward to the running events in 2009 especially participating in the following ones

1) KL International Marathon (Half)
2) NIKE 10K Human Race
3) Penang Bridge International Marathon (Half)
4) Singapore International (Half)

Its a great start, it should get only better, train diligently and consistently ....

Till the next run ... the adventure continues :)

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