Monday, January 12, 2009

Heart Running

I'm to note on something interesting, I have been "heart-running" per say for the past few runs to evaluate its efficiency and performance. All I can say is that it an amazing experience in contrast to what I usually feel during my regular runs. It was how shall put it .... hmmm .... not to hard and not to easy either, something right smack in the middle.

My long run this weekend past weekend on Sunday was just awesome as I decided to forgo pace, speed, time and just "follow the heart". Maintaining my heart rate around 145bpm seem to be the optimal aerobic heart rate. NOTE SELF : ( MEP > 145bpm ) I was cruising at this heart rate, literally it felt good. And I actually ran for 2 hours and 20 minutes eventhough the distance was not really monumental aka 13.4km but it felt. Just kinda should have "loaded up" a bit more as around mid run even with GU Gel in between my stomach was growling at the 11th km, sheeeshhhh .... NOTE to SELF : GU Gel consumption should be based on time not on distance aka 30-45 minutes, got to test this out on the next long run.

Will continue to monitor my heart runs ... I believe its the way to go ... till the next running adventure ....

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