Sunday, January 4, 2009

Visit to the Sports Injury Rehabilitation Centre

Part of my New Year's Resolution is reduce injuries that I encountered in 2009 and as part of that is preventive maintenance. I was recommended by Sifu to this physiotherapist he visited so I decided to to check it, first and foremost the map on the brochure is totaly misleading that got me going in rounds ... sheeeshhhh. Its actually beside MAXIS at Bayan Point, I put the address later down in the blog.

I went there not knowing what was going to happen and was warmly greeting by the staff. After chilling out for a while the doc (Ms. Oh) came to see me and I told her the story of my knee. She was good at taking the time in listen to me and giving clarification before commencing on the treatment which was kinda interesting first experience. She took a look at my foot arch and gave a comment on running shoe which I was about to retire anyways. She gave a recommended list of shoes as well and told for an updated list browse over to this website.

The treatment was as follows
1) Electrode Treatment (or something like that)
2) Ultrasound
3) Icing of the Knee

Once I was done with that the doc came back to advise on some stretches to do to loosen up so of stiff stiff muscles ... man did I have lot of those ... sheeeshhhh also scheduled another session next week to help me on the knee issues.

The address of the clinic as follows

Pan-medic Physiotheraphy & Sports Injury Rehabilitation Centre
15-G-8, Medan Kampung Relau,
Bayan Point, Relau,
11900 Penang
Tel/Fax : 604-6463158
Physiotherapist : Ms. Oh Swee Ling

Plus I got a new pair of shoes Nike Air Zoom Vomero+ 3 based on the list provided by the physiotherapist :) Review will be posted soon :)

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