Sunday, April 26, 2009

Bidor 21K Run Adventure !

The Bidor 21K Marathon was quite the event, I left my hotel at Ipoh town around 5:00 am and reached Bidor around 5:30am, suprising there were other runners already there. I took the time to geared up with the necessaties and massaged of some of my joints with analgesic cream as for some bizzare reason is was hurting when I woke this morning. Soon after other participants started to poor in.

Registration was underway soon after and everyone for 21K was ushered to start line. The gun went off and we were off, my first 21K, whoopeee ! The run was kinda scenic and I saw parts of Bidor that I never knew exists :) Its was nice, just felt that they should have started it earlier as by the time I finish, then sun was seriously unforgiving sheesh, I was burning and especially my legs as I applied the analgesic cream. Its felt like my feet were on fire !!!! Literally !!!

This race kinda reminded me of the Bukit Dumbar 6K race its was literally a cross country race going through estates, jungles, hills but nevertheless it was fun. The run was quite demanding and noticed after analyzing the data that I collected that I dropped on my pace quite a fair bit, but nevertheless I am happy with the results and acknowledge that lots more to do before Malakoff 26K !

I reached the finish line glimming as when I glanced at my watch I still had a a few minutes before the qualifying time was over. I clock 2:38:00 which I believe would have been much better, so the adventure continues per say ... till next time :)

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