Sunday, April 5, 2009

Teluk Kumbar 6K

Woohoo ! The first run for 2009, its was an interesting run indeed. First of all it was in a location which was so foreign that is was like searching a needle in a haystack literally. Since it was in pitch dark early morning and there are no signs watsoever, go figure ! But anyways finally reached there in one piece, got register. The interesting part was that we had an aerobics session before the run, this one is a first, hehehehe. There was quite a fair bit of crowd young and old ;)

The the gun went off around 7:45am ! And we were off ! The course was an interesting one cutting through housing estates on the left and right plus cows, chicken and a market that was interesting, suddenly the run turns into a market wallau, kinda shocked everyone doing marketing !

Its was an amazing run for me, clock 39 min at pace of 7:09 min/km, expected a slower pace but was pleasantly surprised with the time and had a great time with friend, next will the the Earth Day Run (10K in two weeks time) looking forward to it :)

Till then the adventure continues !! :)

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