Sunday, April 19, 2009

Earth Day Run 2009 Penang !

A run for Mother Earth ! It was an interesting run nevertheless its was a bit hap hazardly organized though from getting runners registration to allocation of starting band, its was the state parties(i.e. Pakatan) first attempt so hats off to them for the effort. The race started on time at 7:30am which most felt was too late for a 10K race and indeed it was during the final stretch to the finish line.

Funny that in the starting point as there were no marshal, everyone decided to take short cut detour, was kinda funny ;) It was interesting that I had this young lady whom was pacing me throughout the race till the finish line, that was kinda cool ! She was a tough cookie with quite a steady pace and kept up with me till the finish line ;)

All in all is was a good 10K(8 plus something to be exact) , muaahahaahha can't wait for next week .... the 21K in Bidor .... that is going to be something.... time to recover though I was plagued by flu for the past two days ;) Got keep myself super fit till next weekend ....

And till next time the Adventure Continues .....

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