Sunday, June 7, 2009

Malakoff 26K 2009

The Malakoff 26K was a blast ! It was an early morning race starting of at 5:30am, a good timing indeed. Reached there about 4:00 am so that I could get a good parking spot :) It was cool .. was freezing my butt off , did a bit of warm up to get the body powered up. Soon after went over to get the starting at was at the start line.

There was an assortment of runners ranging from old to to young and also visitors from globally. It was nice sight, met a few of my running buddies, so familiar faces :) Sharp 5:30am the gun went off and we were off ! It was a grueling start as it started hilly, man was there a lot of hills and they were steep, thank God for my hill training, phew.

Navigated through the hilly terrain and finally came to flat part of run. My right nipple was hurting and initially brushed it off and pressed on but I later found out that it was actually bleeding and my vest was bloody, damn I need nipple stickers !! I ran out of gas after the 15K mark and my hamstrings were killing.

I pushed on running/walking for the rest of the race till the finish line. I reached the finish line approximately 3:30:00, not bad for a first attempt ! It was a great experience in terms of preparing for the event, lots of learning and things to fine before the next big adventure ... Standard Chartered's KL International ..... and the adventure continues !!!!!! :)


  1. Hi..went to the run to yesterday but only the 6K...What? you're not doing the Ipoh International run?

  2. Hi Julin, congrats on the 6K ! Well I would love to run the Ipoh International but the only this its a week after the KL International, not enough time to recover to able to run another 21K, am thinking of it, we shall see ;)