Monday, June 29, 2009

Standard Charted KL International Marathon 2009

Yesterday was a big day with all the preparation's put towards this event and happy with results that I obtained which is 02:40:00 for my 21K, yippeee !!! The event itself was quite the experience from the race pack pick up till the begining of the event itself. I got my stuff's on Friday morning as I did not want be crushed in between the 12,500 participants of the event ;)

It was Sunday morning, got up early early 2:30 am and started through my pre-race ritual as always. I really getting good at this ... *Self Pat Pat :)) Had my driver drop (aka my brother) as close as possible to the venue. I was there quite early as I wanted to watch the release of the Full Marathon runners. As the Full Marathon Runners lined up at Starting it started to pour but the runners were ready to go, the gun went off they were off !! Cheered them on !

Soon after I took a walk around to deposit my bag and munched on my Power Bar. It was around 5:30am and started my warmup routine. There was quite a crowd for the Half Marathon, soon it was time and I walked into the starting lane. Had a chat with senior whom was 70 plus and had run many many marathon and he was so excited. Wished him best of luck and soon its was TIME !! 6:15am and the gun went, whooopeeee, we were off !!!!!!!!!

I started steadily following the dense pack as there were so many runners side by side. It was only after the 2nd KM it started to break slowly and continued to pace on steadily. There was a confusion with the distance markers as I felt they were wrong double checking with Nike+, that would have given many runners the wrong impression of the distance left to cover.

Traffic control by the police at certain junction is bad ! Some runners almost got run over, the police at some location were slack causing considerable danger to runners. The so called individual to cheer on the runners were an absolute waste money, they were just standing there expressionless !!! After 02:40:00 I finally reached the finish line in all its glory, just to have to stopped by some with a wand to detect my BID id, almost rammed into the person !

Then I had to stand for another 45minutes to collect my baggage, was lane super long sheeshhh ..... finally got it and got my drink and was sipping away! :)) Was looking at my new shinny shinny > Finishers Medal for SCKLM and met some of the fellow runners for chit chat. Went home tired but accomplished, it was my best time ever for my 21K ! Well it going to get even better that I promise myself !! Next PBIM 2009 ! The adventure continues .....

Updated Stats From SCKLM Website :))
Net Start:06:14:17Category:Half Marathon 21km
Net Time:02:42:25Position:1231
Finish Timing:02:43:41.91

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