Saturday, December 13, 2008

Injury Plagued !!!

I am down down down ! Damn, been side benched for the past few days. It's so frustrating that I cannot continue with my training :( My knees have been getting from bad to worse, even walk became such a big challenge. Well I am partly to be blamed for that for kinda sorta overdoing with my workouts that led to this .....

Also found out that I was doing the wrong thing to treat the injury, that made it from bad to worse. For example treating the knee swelling with running warm water is a NO! NO! NO! Your suppose the ICE it to reduce the swelling instead ... hmmm me and my wise moves.

Well there is also another saying "You can keep a good man down !" so I shall return better , stronger its just the waiting its killing me .... the adventure continues ......

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