Friday, December 26, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 26122008

A great day to run ! Its was another awesome day with my sifu(i.e. the Master) Foong. We went to a new spot(i.e. for me at least) which was the Ayer Itam Dam. Its a beautiful location with a damn catchment on one side and a spectacular view on the other side of Penang.

As usual Foong told lets "jog" and I know Foong defination of jog is far from jogging :) As his jogging would be my running pace :) We started off together and eventually lost him along the way partly due to the uphill/downhill route. Its was quite a challenging route for me at least but nevertheless a gorgeous one ! NOTE TO SELF : Take some shots next time !

I ran two round around the dam (Sifu ran 3 of course!) and damn its was quite the run nevertheless is was a fullfilling one ! We adjourned after a good run for a nice Indian breakfast .... till the next time the adventures continues ...

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