Sunday, December 7, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 07122008

Its a Sunday ! The day where everyone comes out ! I decided to take an easy walk today as my knee is still aching. I just wanted to get moving so that there is some blood circulation around the knee. I reached BG(i.e. Botanical Gardens) around 6:00am. Surprisingly its was quite crowded today, families coming out for a walk and the regular crowd(i.e. The Seniors). I spent about an hour walking as my knees were really hurting with every step but I pushed on to complete 5km.

I stopped my worked out and drove over to GD(i.e. Gurney Drive) and walked along the beach side for another 20minutes whilst enjoying the morning breeze and the tide coming in. I left soonafter to pursue my week sin of tosai and vaadai (i.e. Indian Cuisine), yummies :) Today is going to be a damaging day as I have lunch wedding(i.e. to attend, woooooo ..... thy shall moderate ;)

Till the next run ... the adventure continues !!

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