Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 02122008

It's time again to run, a bit under the weather today due to the travelling yesterday plus KL's unforgiving weather. Was running a fever but what the heck let see what I can do, read about Paula Chasing win at the NYC marathon (i.e. Running Stats Above), truly admirable and looking a splits and pace ... only one word comes to mind .. absolutely outstanding !

Anyways back to me .. I was running a mild fever but still the show must go on. Drove to BG(i.e. Botanical Garden). Its was about 6:45am I think, got ready and started my run, decided to go for about 5km today as its the start of the week, I would slowly ramp over the week. The one thing I felt which was not so good today is that my running shoes were kinda tight. I adjusted this because I wanted to make sure that the sensor was strapped on neatly to get accurate readings.

NOTE TO SELF: Loosen it up, feet are aching now ! Another thing was I bought the Nike Arm Band to hold Nano so that I would need to strap a waist bag on while running, kinda super cumbersome and uncomfortable especially on long runs. I got two versions one was actually for cell phones storage that I cross used to hold the Nano, the other was the arm strap designed for Nano. This was a useful tool have a view that you could look at the display and kept the unit dry.

I finished my run, not bad for a sick guy. Off I went till tomorrow, as I had errands to run this morning ! :))

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