Thursday, December 4, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 04122008

Still recovering my flu and and aching knee but the show must go on. Went to the PISA stadium today, a change of venue so that I could do some interval training to improve my pace, strength and speed. Its a good place to train and I will probably use this as the base of training in the future only thing is that I should get there a bit more earlier about 6:00am.

There were already a few seniors on their morning walk and few runners making their rounds when I got there. Seniors, they never seem to fail to amaze me :). My intervals weren't something to be shouting about as I was still not 100% recovered from the flu and cough. I made sure that I kept up the Training Schedule that I set on Nike+ Website and its 6km target to day. I did manage to keep a constant pace today and am happy with that. :))

I completed it and took a slow drive to GD(i.e. Gurney Drive) to get some fresh air and enjoy the view of the ocean, its was nice :) Till tomorrow, the adventure continues ! ;)

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