Monday, December 22, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 22122008

I'm back again after being slightly sidelines after the last run and had to visit the physician again and he literally rapped my knees with some form of "ancient" herbal goodies. He told "Move it not you shall, heal you will in time, run not you must till then !" .... hmmm sounds familiar I thought. So I heeded the master words of wisdom and I am back today after a long break ... really long break ... but back nevertheless.

I decided to ease myself back into training by running only a 5km. One thing I noted was I was running much better after the rest only thing that my heart was giving way to early .. I guess these are the after effects of long run breaks ... nevertheless I completed the distance ... wooohooo also finished of with a 50 meter sprint dunno why just did it !

Packed up and left, got errands to do this morning .. so till next time (i.e Wednesday) .. the adventure continues ....

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