Sunday, December 28, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 28122008

Pasta Power ! That's the theme of today's run as the fuel for my run was the pasta that I cooked yesterday, yummies. Thanks to Sifu's (i.e. Foong advise) plus a master chef I happened to know (i.e. Kumaresh) my pasta dreams came thru. We went grocery shopping to pick out the necessaries yesterday and cooked it in the evening, damn its was good if I say so myself, just missing the spice factor, hehehehe !

Today run was interesting as I did a heart run focus more on my heart rate whilst running and maintain my heart rate in my MEP(133-143) zone. Occasionally I would jump to my anaerobic side to push a bit with increased pace. The only thing was it kinda crowded with busses today at PISA stadium, was kinda wondering what was going on ... hmm. I believe I keep to this I would be able to do much better over time plus improve my pace as my heart and lungs get stronger ! This run is monumental as I have crossed the total running distance of 100km, yippee !!!

Looking forward the next run .... till then the adventure continues !

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