Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 09122008

Ooo.. its back to running again. I still kinda perplexed with my knees still giving issue .. considering visiting the physician again for another round of massage to tweak it. One thing I did different was today was relaced my shoes. I found a good video from Runners World website on different methods of lacing your shoes that addresses different issues.

The lacing did leviate pressures for different parts of the shoes and made it a more comfortable fit and wear. I shall post the video up soon .. figuring it out now ! The run was not as expected as I hoped to better my mileage against time for the 6km target today. My heart was not racing yet but my legs were really giving way due to knee. I guess rest, recovery and a massage may do wonders, so tomorrow will not be running as may be leaving to KL today to settle some matters.

Oh ya, I'm that I recorded 70km of total runs as of today, Yippe !!! Plus I had the pleasure of Paula Chasing giving a comment at the end of my run hhhmmmmm, sweet !!!

Till the next run the adventure continues :)

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