Saturday, December 6, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 06122008

It's Saturday, the day for the longest run of the week (i.e. 10k based on my Nike+ Training Schedule)! I was up at 5:30am as I wanted to run at the PISA stadium today and there was a PCFair going on and wanted to get out there before the crowd got there for fair. I was there at 6:00am, started to stretch a bit to loosen up. My right knee was still hurting a bit, wondering wat went wrong where.

I recalled reading Stu Mittleman's book "Slow Burn", where he quoted muscular pain may something because cause by other weakening of certain organs related to that particular muscle .. hmm wat could be wrong .... Anyways I put that aside for the moment to ponder upon it later and started my run also I was wearing my new NIKE Dri Fit. It's really comfortable plus it has reflectors to warn drives that a runner's is upfront (i.e. for those whom are not blind)

I was having difficulty breathing as I am still having flu and its difficult breathing, wondering when will this go away. Either way I pushed on to complete the 10km but its was in good pace but not good timing though, I felt that I would have done better. I guess I need to be a patient and continue to develop strength and pace.

Knee still giving trouble ... till tomorrow comes ... the adventure continues !

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