Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Running Journal RunDate 03122008

Today was not so good still recovering from fever and flu, didn't sleep last night either due to discomfort in breathing due the flu. Still crawled out of bed at 6:00 am and drove off for my run. Kicked off the run at about 6:30am after strapping on my new Nike+ Arm Strap. This was the best part of my run, its was comfortable and easier for me to toggle my Nano. :) I didn't feel that I was up to full strength today, was actually not to happy about my run, its was very sluggish.

As you can see from my Nike+ Run there's a huge dip towards the end .. :( , I wasn't at my optimal today, and my muscle were a bit tight. Even after a stretch, it did feel so good :( I still made sure that I did at least 5km+ to keep myself tuned in. My pace is still fluctuating within 7 min/km to 8min/km. Wondering how to improve it ... think of doing a bit more interval training to gather speed and strength.

Another thing is that my should was hurting badly towards completing 30 min of run, I had no idea why as this just happened as well I could feel my spine hurting. I have a feeling that there is a problem with my running posture and have a tendency to learn forward forming kinda a leaning tower hip onwards, kinda feels something no right somewhere. NOTE TO SELF: Be aware of posture ! I finished the run kinda abruptly and got back home to get a quick shower and off to a physician to massage my legs and my shoulders, lets see whether this helps tomorrow ;)

Now a bit about arms bands. If you love to listen to music while you run like me and utilize it during your workout the Nike Arm Band is a useful tool to give you freedom of mobility while you workout and enjoy your favorite tunes. Bellow are 2 version of the arm band by Nike...

The first one on top is original as a storage pouch for your cell phones, I tried using for the iPOD. Its snugly fit in but the draw back in I could not see the iPOD controls plus the strap was a bit small for my arms. This may be suitable for individuals with small arms(i.e. Diameter of 3 -3.5 inches).

Now the other one which has the iPOD snugled in is a better choice. It's comfort level is superb and the clear window to which I can view and interact with my Nano is a big plus point. The only drawback to this design is that where the Nike+ Sensor interfaces with the Nano. Its kinda exposed to the body and when you run your gonna sweat .. which in some ways may not be good for the sensor. Thats the only comment I have about the arm band beside that I really happy with this arm band ! ;)

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